Eternal values.

Work in the name of life.

      The joy of opening happens not only for the discoverers. It also happens when we meet extraordinary person, which we can't compare to anyone already known. And step-by-step we open this person for ourselves, just like we would read a new exciting book. Meeting with Katheryne Saevska  gives you exactly the same feeling - discovery of person.
     Katheryne  is not the one of the show-business starts, politicians or people who you can see on TV. But thousands of Ukrainians proud that know her, People, which she never even saw, thankful to her for what she is doing, sends her warm and cheerful wishes and inspire her to continue to do something, that made her known -  to paint.. 
     And her paintings are special - they are savers. Every painting helps to save somebody's life, to rescue someone, who need support now.
     Drawing and painting was her dream, but for various reasons it didn't become her profession. She was born in small Ukrainian city.  Although she saw herself just an artist, but in young age she got interested by books about midwifery. And instead go to art school, parents convinced her to start her studies in medical college.
     After finishing studying, for 10 years Katheryne been working at the hospital in Poltava (Ukrainian city). But now she is working elsewhere in the typical for this time job, as a manager. She has a family, husband - the first critic and supporter, and son-student, who loves all her works. 
     Only  in 2011 she starts to draw actively, and it was exclusively for herself. She call herself a self-taught artist, because there were no real teachers - only virtual, found in social networks. On their works, in fact, she studied. And yet - on books and video tutorials.
     She had no exhibitions, only has been giving to friends. But when there is a war came to Ukraine, she got an idea: to sell her works and give the money to charity, for save lives of wounded Ukrainian soldiers.
«I gave you the life»
     First painting ("I gave you the life") was successfully sold on one of the volunteer auctions and it's name become symbolic, because that money really helped to save life. And yet, new door become opened for Katheryne, she realized that she will not stop on this. 
     Second painting - «Peaceful childhood» - she also create for charity auction, which support Ukrainian army. This work was bought by one of the Kyiv's hospitals and the funds raised from selling was spent on a portable heart monitor for an army's hospital. 
«Peaceful childhood»
     There were many other paintings for charity auctions, and then she start to sell them by herself, through the social networks, same as it starts - for save lives. ... Couple times she was a little bit late, and people died, unfortunately. She told, that she had some weird, sad feelings, while she has been working on paintings for them. But these works are kept with love in the families of those, who did not survive...
     She is still working like a manager, and after coming back from the office - paint pictures, on weekends or even at nights, She treat her paintings like her kids, love and talk to them. Sometimes even gives goodbye-kiss before sending it to the new owner.  
     She do not have a workshop, doing her paintings right at her one-bedroom apartment.  Every picture takes about a week of paint, then few more days for let it get dry. And in the same time, Katheryne looking for a buyer, by sharing a comprehensive history about next wounded soldier, received  from reliable volunteers. It helps her friends from social networks, also join the fundraising., And she is surely checking back fundraising accounts, so her fans knows: assistance will go to the right destination. They are willing to buy the pictures, half the cost artist transfers to the bank cards of wounded soldiers, necessarily reporting to the fans in the network by giving the photo of relevant checks. There are the buyers, who are lining up in advance with a wish: together with the artist help the Ukrainian defenders and get one of her remarkable works like a memory of this. That is why there are some who bought already not one painting from Kateryne Saevska, and they are planning to continue to do this in the future.

     "“Nothing is so strong as gentleness, and nothing is so gentle as true strength.” ― this quote of Ralph W. Sockman one of her favorites. On The Katheryne's paintings landscapes and flowers, filled with gentleness, which she just "falls in love" with. Sometimes her cats gives her ideas about next painting's subjects.
      When she is choosing colors and tones for the pictures, she is trying her best for imagine person, for whom she is trying to help. And even that she never met them in real life and rarely speaks directly to them (mostly to their wife's and mothers), she tells about every defenders, as it is her close friend or relative. 
     «I wish patience and strength to Vania. To live a long and happy, no matter what "..." Wish to Kyril back on his feet as soon as possible and live happy life in a peaceful Ukraine "... It is what tells her soul. 
     That is why, in support to Ruslan Karpets with totally amputated arm she create stunning "Irisis". For Nazar Barylko, who keep smiling even with serious injures,  and Kyril Zolotarev, who protect his friends with his body and saved their lives - there is gorgeous variations on the orchids theme. For Ivan Kushnerev, who which covered a grenade - magnificent peonies. Same peonies she created for Ihor Lukianets. 
    Yet there is paintings, which helped Roman Lutsuk, Eduard Solohor, Volodymyr Donos. Picture for support family one of died soldier, Max Sukhenko, Also the paintings, which helped the patient with hemophilia, Mikhail Tereshchenko. And more, and more, and more... This list of people is very long.
     One of the most popular on her paintings - peonies. She learned to draw them from the video tutorials of Oleh Buyko, who is highly estimate Katheryne's successes. Amazing dewdrops on deep-pink petals amazed and fans, many of whom wish to have exactly the same picture and ask Katheryne to paint it.

    - Now I paint and on order too, - says the artist .- This guarantees the realization of picture, and therefore the fast help. My customers can decide by themselves, who they wants to support. It is hard to decide. Sometimes I am crying when reading next news or articles with asking for help. Because I understand how many people need big money on treatments or surgery. Then I become angry with myself, because I am working so slow during living in the warm apartment, and in the same time somebody spends the night in a trench, somebody freezes and someone else have nothing to eat. And how many children and old people in need of assistance... 
... I understand, that I can't help everyone, but I try to do my best. And I decided what I will do in the future. When the war will be over and we will help all wounded soldiers, first of all I will support the children and families of the victims and people with serious illnesses. And definitely want to create an album with the stories of guys, to whom my pictures helped.
 Her Facebook page - is her feedback book. «You are an amazing person, although a couple days ago I didn't know your name, but it is do not need much time to see and evaluate the most important things». «You are such a nice person!» «You are light in the darkness for many people. Wish you only the best!» «Your paintings smell with spring!» «And Love!» - added after that Katheryne. And under the picture where there was a rain, somebody commented: «It is simply amazing! I wanted to open my umbrella!».

Yet sometimes she is writing poems, which is very emotional and in one of the poems she compares herself with wild flower. And when I ask her to give an advice to people who will read this she replied with lines from one of her poems: 
«It's time to see the difference in world ,  
To see the issues not in neighbor, but yourself, 
And hear the sense in every own word, 
And spend with love the every of your days».
And she is shining with Love and notice that in her like-minded people:
«"By doing good things man will not becomes a saint, but someone who he would have to be. Each of my friends - a small flame. And together we are - the big, bright fire. ... ». Fireplace, which gives heat and light around. 

Translated from Olha Hojdenko article 
/Ukrainian newspaper «Poradnitsa» (Adviser) №5 от 22.01.2015/